Shuttle Bus Refund Information

Hello. This is the S2O Korea operating secretariat.
Due to this lineup change, there are many inquiries about shuttle bus refunds.
A refund was decided through consultation with the company.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

📌 Refund Criteria
– Customers who did not use the shuttle bus by changing a two-day pass to a one-day pass
– Customers who did not use the shuttle bus after canceling the 1-day pass

📌 How to apply for a refund
– Collecting information through Google questionnaire to check usage
– Register by entering your name / cell phone number / reserved route
– After confirming boarding details at the shuttle bus company, proceed with refund

📌 Refund application period
– From July 10 (Sun) to July 12 (Tue) 19:00, 2022

📌 Refund Application Link

* Please understand that the refund schedule may take several days as it is processed after collecting and checking all lists.

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